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  • Prague 1998: The Tape-beatles convene in Prague to work on ‘Good Times’
  • San Francisco 1999: Lloyd and Ralph hold a Public Works summit in the Bay Area
  • Barcelona 2000: The Tape-beatles perform for the Civic Cultural Center of Barcelona
  • Spain and Portugal 2000: After the CCCB gig, John and Lloyd become tourists
  • New York 2000: Lloyd visits old Tape-beatle collaborator Geoff Seelinger
  • The Intourist: Go home. See it as if you were a tourist. Are there any surprises?
  • In Transit: Lloyd moves from the US to Prague, stops in France and Italy
  • Wrocław 2002: Recounts a day trip to this beautiful Polish city
  • Bratislava 2003: Tape-beatles meet up with friends while in Slovakia to do a show

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