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Latest release by Public Works is their first in five years

‘Numbers’ EP by Public Works


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Numbers (9-inch EP)

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The Grand Delusion (video)


Their first new release since 1997’s Matter, the post-Tape-beatle duo Public Works once again comes to the fore with a new audio work entitled Numbers. Rather unusually, Public Works has elected to make this work available, for the time being, only on a nine-inch transparent vinyl EP. Full color artwork graces the printed outer sleeve. And the work comes with a free puzzle — and part of the puzzle is finding the puzzle.

Myke Weiskopf of Obscure-Disk says this about Numbers:

By the way, Numbers is a phenomenal piece. It totally nails the uneasiness/dread of the Conet and Ghost Orchid records — in a way, it really gets to the effectiveness of the source material. Arguably, the whole reason that numbers stations and EVP are frightening (not just accounting for the pure sound of them) is because they are random, unexpected, and impossible to order in the rational mind. Instead of putting on a CD that says, ‘You are going to hear a neatly ordered catalogue of disembodied voices,’ which effectively prepares and therefore somewhat numbs the listener to the shock of the experience, the Public Works piece reinstates the illusion of randomness — and creating a context. Anyway, it’s great. I love it. Thank you for sending it.

The release consists of two tracks, one for each side of the disk, and each lasting about ten minutes. Composed using multitrack recording and sequencing software, it continues in the vein of Matter with regard to both style and substance. The audio on the disk ranges from hard-driving and rhythmy, to seductive and ethereal, always one moment arriving in logical form to replace the last.

01 (hoping it’s a dream) 1.27
02 (ballantine mix) 2.35
03 (interlude) 2.17
04 (forevermore) 2.06
05 (jazzy) 1.51
06 (1) 4.39
07 (2) 2.59
08 (3) 3.08

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