Public Works Productions

Collaborative live event recorded in Berlin in 1997

Plunderphonic All Stars Live at the Volksbühne in Berlin

Plunderphonic All-Stars LP

This recording was a limited edition and is no longer available.



Minneapolis Summit (MiniCD)

Numbers (9-inch EP)

Good Times


The Grand Delusion

Music with Sound

A subtle buoyancy of pulse


Minneapolis Summit (Mini VideoCD)

Matter (video)

The Grand Delusion (video)


Sorry, sold out.

Tracks culled from the 5-hour long PLUNDERPHONIC ALL STARS jam that took place at the Cocktail Festival in Berlin on 10 October 1997. Participating for all they’re worth were: UK’s Barbed, US’s Public Works, Germany’s Leumund Fieling, France’s Dominique Petitgand, and Holland’s Muzic Toerist. We stayed up late scratching a long wriggling groove on a vinyl surface and then, ever so gently, wrapping the result around in a careful spiral some 900 feet long, so that when a special feeler or ‘stylus’ is placed in the groove and it is sent spinning the magical vibrations of the groove are flung out into the air for all to hear. (You must provide the ‘stylus.’)

But, you say, what is on this magical platter? One side of the LP contains 20-odd minutes chosen by Barbed from what they consider to be the evening’s highlights; the other side contains Public Works’ selections. All participated throughout. Since the evening was a 5-hour improvisation, there was lots to choose from and all the selections are strong. This is an all-new work that exists in no other form. Plain Jane gray cover; the disk itself is on milky white vinyl. (On the Kleptones label.)

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