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How to Spell ‘The Tape-beatles’

For the Record …

We have noticed that almost everyone who has ever written the name ‘The Tape-beatles’ has failed to note, or at least to transmit, the subtleties that have been a feature of its typographic countenance from the beginning. We will here go to pains to spell it out explicitly, so that, if you happen to read this truculent explanation, you cannot fail to be aware of our stated wishes in this regard. Five points:

  1. The name of the group is ‘The Tape-beatles’. It is two (2) words.
  2. The second word is a hyphenated compound, thus: ‘Tape-beatles’.
  3. Because the ‘b’ in ‘beatles’ appears at the interior of the word, it is not capitalized.
  4. Because it is a hyphenated compound, there is a hyphen (-) between the parts ‘Tape’ and ‘beatles’.
  5. The adjective is, of course, ‘Tape-beatle’, as in ‘a Tape-beatle record’.

If this seems ridiculously hair-splitting, it is quite possibly because it is. And yet there it is, for the record.

Signed, The Tape-beatles

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