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June 1999

Technical Note. A new capability of the QuickTime format allows us to offer our much-ballyhooed Mp3s in a streaming form from our website. Click the piece you want to hear and begin listening immediately in your browser. Upgrade now to the cross-platform free-of-charge QuickTIme 4.0 to enjoy this ultimate modern convenience.

Project Update. We are pleased to report that the CD Good TImes is currently in Build ‘C’ stage, and is awaiting only on minor adjustments. It should enter Build ‘D’ later this week, and we have every reason to expect that this build with be declared ‘Master’ by all three members of the group. We will keep you posted with regard to these excruciating developments.

The Tape-beatles ride the coattails of Public Works. To what do we owe this pleasure? Another flash-in-the-pan P.R. gesture designed to momentarily divert your gaze from the hypnotically inscrutable flood of images and sounds which wrest each moment of real life from your grasp in an a parade of alienated desires? Yes. And no. The Tape-beatles. The name rolls off your tongue and down the sleek lines of your thin tie and double-breasted suits, leaving a stain that seems to say, ‘cash.’ Like an image of Mary in a tortilla, we just seem to keep popping up. It was great. And we were never really gone. Our evil twin, Public Works, offered little resistance. "Welcome back," he said, offering us the coat tails we so desperately required. And so we are ready to laugh again, and maybe cry a little, but mostly to earn prizes and money. If we sound excited, we are. We earn prizes and money.

Tape-beatles Summit Update.

hot seat The 1999 Tape-beatles Summit took place as planned in Iowa City in recent weeks. Effort was put into both completing the terminally incomplete audio work Good Times, as well as brainstorming future performance ideas. As the CD inches ever nearer to completion, be advised to watch this space for an announcement when it finally comes out.

Tape-beatles Summit. Later this month, the three ‘surviving’ members of The Tape-beatles will convene in Iowa City to hold a summit meeting. Let’s face it: The lads aren’t getting any younger and the contour of fin-de-siecle technologies burgeon to spell P-O-S-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y in high tongues of fuchsia neon (against a dark background). Always on the look-out, our three dekadactyls want nothing less than to re-chart tired old territory in entirely new ways. What’s left for them to find? The moronic approach most of our ‘fellow citizens’ take toward cultural consumption smacks its passive lips. There must be room for more, our work seems to say, more indeed. On the table — the shape of which has yet to be decided — will be a number of issues, to wit:

  1. Promotional strategies for the new record Good Times
  2. A new performance using techniques we haven’t used before
  3. The next project, as yet unnamed
  4. The future direction the group might take
  5. How to project a more caring, forthright image, as opposed to our current très outré ‘pompous ass’ public image.

We’d solicit your advice, but we probably would bristle at the suggestion that our own minds are not sufficient. That’s the way life is at the Glassed-in Laboratories. But I’ll tell you what — send in your advice anyway. It could be amusing.

Snippets from the Web. ’Round these parts, our digital vigilance never flags in pursuit of the juicy journalistic tidbits devoted to yours-mine-and-ours truly. We are always ‘in the mood’ for self-promotion. Recent web snoop-ups have turned up the following links pertaining to The Tape-beatles and Public Works. First up is a review of A subtle buoyancy of pulse from the German site Leeson: Das Elektronische Fanzine Konstanz, no. 8. (If you don’t know German, you could try translating it using Babelfish, a page that we love for all the verbal nonsense it creates.):

The article (in German).

No problems here, the next one’s in English. At the UK’s motion . interactive services for new music site, we find a review of the Staalplaat Cocktail mini-CD, which was released in conjunction with the Cocktail festival held in Berlin, October, 1997. The review is of interest to us, since it specifically mentions the title track to the forthcoming Tape-beatles CD Good Times, which appears on the tiny compilation:

The review.

And stateside, again pertaining to A subtle buoyancy of pulse, is the World Music on KALX chart — our release appearing at no. 7:

The mention.

Do us a favor. If you run across anything on the web pertaining to either this project directly, or even indirectly, let us know. Click and be happy.

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