Public Works Productions

Turning Chaos into Cash

Public Works Rises from the Ashes of The Tape-beatles

by Ralph Johnson

The Tape-beatles fly in from the coast
The Tape-beatles fly in
from the coast under the power
of their own dogma

A Common Bond

ALL THE HIGH-LEVEL contacts in the world are useless unless you understand what to do with the information. There are hundreds of writers and artists with friends in high places, but most of what they produce is dead wrong. They just don’t get it. Public Works does.

The Tape-beatles called their first major work A subtle bouyancy of pulse. A manifesto-by-deed, this synthety of modern culture taught a world how to turn information into profit.

But you don’t have to listen to this work to understand the main idea: The world is shaped by powerful forces that nobody can control. And so, even the Tape-beatles were forced to concede to these primal elements. But even as our natural world is built on the decaying corpse of previous generations, so too did we, out of the most powerful beliefs and commitments, come together again, with a new understanding of those forces that once threatened the vitality of our project.

The Source for Man’s Food-for-Thought

MATTER, as it pertains to those elements necessary to sustain life and promote growth, is required by all living things, animal and vegetable. Since prehistoric times, one of man’s greatest problems has been his ceaseless search for this nourishment. All too frequently, however, ignorance and superstition have played major roles in determining our taste. Public Works seeks to rectify this historically identifiable pattern.

Matter, the debut recording from Public Works, exemplifies our efforts toward a rational approach to nourishment. Steady progress continues to be made in every form of cultural production and although the spectre of ignorance has not yet been banished, it is beginning to fade. That, above all else, is the core of Public Works’ promise for today’s children and for the generations of all tomorrows.

This picture is brought to you courtesy of the makers of Langendorff bread.


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