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If you think we are doing a particularly good (or bad) job at putting this cultural attraction together, we’d like to hear from you. If you think there are features that should be added or content that would enhance your experience of it, let us know. We listen, we think, and often we act on timely, well-considered advice, even from perfect strangers. The point is, we believe culture should be (at minimum) a two-way street and here is one tiny opportunity for you (in the grand scheme of reified ideologies) to make a difference in the world.

Or you can contact us privately and directly by e-mail, p-mail, or telephone. Lloyd Dunn is the webmaster for The Tape-beatles and Public Works.

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John Heck and Ralph Johnson are long-time cohorts and contriborators to this project. E-mail: they’re open to it.

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You can also receive sporadic e-mail updates whenever significant content is added to this site. Just send an e-mail to the contact address below, and ask to be added to our e-mailing list.

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Correspondence and contact of any kind is welcome and encouraged.

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