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Minneapolis Summit VideoCD


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Minneapolis Summit (Mini VideoCD)

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The Grand Delusion (video)


In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like making this kind of music, in other words, what do we do when we do what we do, then you’ll enjoy this release. Taking the unusual form of an 80mm VideoCD, this release simultaneously documents and improvises on the video recordings that we made during the Minneapolis Summit recording sessions in October 2001.

This release is intended as a companion piece to the Minneapolis Summit mini-CD which was released some months ago on the Staalplaat label. On it, you’ll get to see us in action, and sometimes inaction, as we sequester ourselves in a recording studio, trying against all odds to make great audio art.

Similar in spirit to how the sessions themselves were conceived, the video editing and post-production improvises on the source footage we had to work with. All the footage was collected in Minneapolis during the Sound Unseen festival, which we all attended as participants.

The program shows us gathering before the Oak Street Theatre, being interviewed on Jon Nelson’s radio show Some Assembly Required, setting up for the improv sessions themselves, and finally driving off into the sunset once the meeting ran its course. Of course, you will also see an extended segment of footage taken during one of the improvisations, offering a rare glimpse into the mysterious workings of this constellation of five audio art luminaries, which include Escape Mechanism, Steev Hise, Wobbly, and your trusty Tape-beatles.

Over a year in the making, this disc is your opportunity to see us interacting with other audio artists in the throes of the creative act of making a new work of audio art. It contains two compositions that don’t appear on the Minneapolis Summit audio mini CD.

(The 80mm form factor is a standard, and until recently seldom-used, size. Those with tray loadinging CD mechanisms will have no trouble using the disc. If you have a slot-loading mechanism, however, you should consult your user documentation before attempting to use such a disc. Some slot-loaders take them; others won’t.)

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