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January 1999

Finishing up. Soon we will be making available some of our new finished recordings, as well as our entire body of old audio work, in Mp3 form on this site. In the mean time, you can view our Travel Photos.

Static Output. After having delved into the deep waters of spelling reform, next issue of Psrf (no. 50) will take on the just-as-treacherous coves and inlets of calendar reform. To that end, we will put out a Reformed Calendar for Western Civilization for the year 2001 anno domini, which is numerically and officially the First Year of the Third Millennium. It will be a pretty picture calendar, so if you are a graphic artist and want to submit a graphic to grace one of the months, contact us and we will send you the technical requirements. Anyone may submit; we will choose the thirteen best (in our estimation). During the Third Millennium, the Static Output will also explore numeric reform, and advocate the use of a base-twelve number system.

Site Note This Site. In preparation for an overhaul of our web site for the new millennium, we would appreciate your feedback. If you find it difficult to navigate, or confusing, or ugly, or boring, or generally needing of our attention, won’t you feed-back to us? That is to say, we would love to hear your ideas as to how the site could be improved and made more useful, humorous, or beautiful. Thanks a lot. You folks are all real menschen. Contact us here.

Copyright Violation Squad. The CVS wishes to announce the opening of 3 new branches, willing and eager to take on the chore of dubbing suppressed works for your listening edification. In ordering your suppressed works, select the CVS nearest to your delivery address.

Copyright Violation Squad CVS-Australia. Sam Birbeck
Sam Birbeck / 24 Denman Tce / Lower Mitcham, SA 5062 / AUSTRALIA

CVS-Texas. Colin Andrew Sheffield
Colin Sheffield / 2809 Parkview Lane #1326 / Bedford TX 76022 / USA

CVS-Europe. Stephan Krieger
AMANITA / Stephan Krieger / Etxeparia, Urcuray / 64240 Hasparren / France
fax +33 (0)5 5929 8404 /

If you are interested in acquiring dubs from any of these addresses, write them first and ask them what their terms are before sending your tapes. They may still be getting under way.

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