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Autodidactic narcissists that we are, we want to know what you think of us. Further, we want everyone out there to know what you think of us, too. Here’s your chance to make your opinions known. You can hold forth on any topic — if it falls within our ideosphere, so much the better, but we’re not making up any rules.

We’ve set aside a large plot of cyberspace (don’t look too hard for it, you’re soaking in it) just for this purpose. This page is user-mutable, as it were, so the comment you add will end up at the top of the list. Hopefully your insightful blurbs won’t remain at the top for long, just until some other schmoe or schmosephine puts in their two cents. You get it? The last thing entered goes to the top of the list!

Here’s what you’ve told us so far:


I'd like to inform you of the organization of "The Free Housing Foundation."

The Free Housing Foundation is for the absolutely free use of anyone and everyone's house, particularly where the residents are downloading copyrighted music without paying for it, by and for copyright owners so that in the free music foundation world they can have a place to live, eat, sleep, shit, beat up the owners when they try to through the freeloading musicians out, and, in general, free once and for all the housing that is everywhere and going to waste on humanoids.

We believe that beating up college students who steal music is a good thing!

If you live in New York City, you can understand why beating up some prepaid kid from the midwest who keeps stealing your songs online. I mean, at $300.00 an hour for studio time, someone has to pay for this music, it might as well be homeowners who support the free music foundation.

Will you guys at WNYC please join us in our battle to make this land what the free cults intended it to be, free for copyright infringement but with the stipulation that it has to also be free for anarchy and to just go live in other people's houses because they are everywhere.

Free Housing Foundation,
Terry James, member ASCAP
<> - 02/17/03 09:33:36 PST

I just want to thank you for your November Good Times performance in our city - it was great! Well... that's all :)

Pavel Franc <>
Pardubice, Czech Republic - 01/06/03 06:44:58 PST

Just whanted to tell EBN, Negativland, John Ozwald, Giustino di Gregorio: The Tape-beatles are better editors than all of you, sorry guys.

Tod <>
Waterford, Michigan - 05/12/01 06:06:15 PDT

dear readers, i´ve got the exercise from my future university (faculty design) to grapple with the theme „plagiat„ for my application. i write you to ask if you can/wanna help me in any way. have you some experience with this theme, some links or ideas for me? i can deliver my work in any form, there are no defaults. as text-document, or something handmade. working with my computer is altough possible. the university prefer „sick„ things, but good ideas must stand behind them. if you wanna help me but you be bad at all, write back and ask. if not, sorry for the mail and your time. in any case: a nice day,

Norman Ockert<>
Cologne, Germany - 04/23/01 11:08:26 PDT

grabbed all of the mp3s … great stuff. will soon be ordering the videos (any plans for dvd format?) was wondering if you were aware that The Orb ripped off some of "listen to the radio" and "deeper" tracks on their Orbvs Terrarvm album. I’d imagine so, since it’s about 6 years old … just found it interesting, and thought I’d ask. thanks again for stopping by the garden.

Scott <>
Iowa City, Digital Worlds (state) - 04/22/01 01:43:22 PDT

ne’ermind A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse is the one i heard. thanks guys, keep making music so i don’t feel so bad about my talentless meanderings. (no offence)

Anon. - 04/05/01 23:08:15 PDT

that one that goes. um. like "blahblah blah that’s my favourite" what album’s that?

Anon. - 04/05/01 23:04:52 PDT

I retract fully my previous post and apologize for any hurt I may have caused.

ball2000 <>
San Francisco, CA - 03/08/01 11:59:49 PST

Great site, Who knows things of AMON TOBIN, please send a mail. Thanks

Pedro Vasconcelos <>
Porto, Portugal - 01/15/01 12:41:46 PST

Surfed on in on the recommendation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s "Definitely Not The Opera", which had a piece on disk rot. Certainly food both for thought and for arguments for less draconian regulations about copyright.

Andrew Chaplin <>
Ottawa, Ontario - 01/13/01 12:54:49 PST

All great ideas rise from a foundation of other good ideas. This is not theft, this is evolution. American collage artists do draw upon their own histories. Perhaps if other artists could be open to ideas from unique sources there might exist more unique perspectives within the world.

Benjamin Warfield <>
Philadelphia, PA - 01/25/00 02:01:17 CST

You have not paid your rent.
You must pay your rent.
If you do not pay your rent, we will be forced to issue a dispossess.

David Kramer <>
West Milton/Brno, Ohio/Czech Republic - 12/22/00 07:51:21 PST

Off The Tape-beatles and Public Works! you think of us. you think of us Further. Autodidactic is a celebration of the first narcissists that we are what . Here’s your chance to make your topic opinions known. it falls You can hold ideosphere, so much we’re not making up Music we’re soaking it in We’ve set aside better rules. within our user-mutable space this purpose goes to the top of the list! The last thing entered some other schmoe. we want everyone out there to know , we want to know the system works. get it? All great ideas rise from Benjamin Warfield All great ideas rise from Tbilisi, 380002 Republic of Georgia a foundation of other good ideas is theft! this is histories. Perhaps if other artists could be sources there might exist more mindless spew of "Tape-beatles," selling their real history. Music is just behind you. The Tape-beatles "can’t do it". It works. That’s all The second comment is. The first message is, of course, a test, to see if That’s all The second comment is. IF YOU WISH to receive significant content effect here.

ball2000 <>
San Francisco, California - 12/11/00 17:32:01 PST

I have been exploring the internet and its mindless spew of e-commerce and philisophical pornography for some time. And these "Tape-beatles," selling their ‘radical’ ideas like so much dish soap. You steal because you lack a real history. Music is just another brand of cigarettes for you. Rather, music must be the labor of millions of voices behind you, aeons of a people struggling in their common heritage. There is no theft then. Their songs become yours.

V. Gurashvili, Ph.D.
Professor of Kartvelian Studies
A. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics
Georgian Academy of Sciences
P. Ingorokva Str. 8
Tbilisi, 380002 Republic of Georgia

V. Gurashvili, Ph.D. <>
Tbilisi, Georgia - 12/17/99 17:42:42 CST

The Tape-beatles, and correspondingly Public Works, are amazing. There is little else to be said. We at Social Security are great fans. Our working anthem is "I can’t do it". That’s all there is.

phat_joe <>
Atlanta, Georgia - 12/15/99 05:31:31 CST

The second comment is a celebration of the first. It works.

The Editor - 12/12/99 15:12:30 CST

The first message is, of course, a test, to see if the system works.

The Editor - 12/12/99 15:08:58 CST

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