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If you are an astute observer, it probably cannot have escaped your attention that this web site has many pages. It also contains many pictures, sound files, and movies that you can look at, listen to, and watch without charge.

You no doubt know that these attractions take time to write, edit, design, mix, and construct. We have spared no effort to bring you the finest content we have to offer. We have sacrificed, and typed our fingers to the bone. Lest this parable become too dreary, I will now get to the point: It’s Your Turn.

We live in a world where ‘value’, more often than not, translates into ‘money’. We could argue forever as to whether or not that’s a good thing; but what cannot be denied is that it is a standard. Sometimes we use standards here at Public Works Productions. This is one of those times.

Your donation of money symbolizes (in an arbitrary way) the esteem in which you hold our efforts. The more you like, appreciate, enjoy, these pages, the more value you are deriving from them. Please send some of your surplus value back our way in the form of money. We’ve made it easy. Rest assured, your offcast surplus value will be put to good use producing more of the content that brought you here in the first place.

You can send as little as a dollar or more, if you want. We encourage you to donate regularly if you use the site often. But even if you don’t donate, you are welcome to browse, read, listen and watch the attractions on this site as much as you want. Thanks for visiting.

Due to PayPal’s business policies, we no longer make use of their service. So unfortunately, we can’t make a super-convenient electronic process for you to make a donation. If you still wish to help us out, e-mail us at  .

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