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23 September 2006: Prague, Czech republic

“G.N.P.” at Experimental space Roxy/NoD, 7:30 PM. Sponsored by MOFFOM (Music on Film Film on Music) and Roxy/NoD. Also appearing: Serhat Koksal.

10 February 2006: Prague, Czech republic

“Slapdash Platform.” Live sound/video/film improvization with Tonic Train, Martin Blažíček, Ondřej Vavrečka, Miloš Vojtěchovský, Pavel Sterec, and Patrícia Gueirrero at Školská 28, 6 PM.

17 January 2006: Prague, Czech republic

Live sound/video/film improvization with Tonic Train and Martin Blažíček at Školská 28, 6 PM; part of “Mini Radio Burza” and Art’s Birthday Party 2006.


24 June 2005: Köln, Germany

“G.N.P.” at Gebäude 9, 21h.

25 May 2005: Bolzano, Italy

“G.N.P.” at Teatro Studio, 20h. Part of “MEDIA.TIME: Cinema, New Media and Copyright.”

20 May 2005: Florence, Italy

“G.N.P.” at Elettro Più, 24h.

23 March 2005: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.A.

“G.N.P.” at CSPS, 8 PM. With Abinadi Meza and Eric Carroll.

25 March 2005: Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A.

“G.N.P.” at Shambaugh Auditorium, the University of Iowa. Part of the conference “Collage as a Cultural Practice” organized by Kembrew McLeod and Ruedi Kuenzli, Oberman Humanities Symposium.


4 April 2004: Pardubice, Czech Republic

“Matter” and “The Grand Delusion” expanded cinema presented at Divadlo 29, Pardubice, Czech Republic.

8 May 2004: Madrid, Spain

“Matter” and “Good Times” expanded cinema presented at the Kinodesechos Festival. La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain.


25 October 2003: Jihlava, Czech Republic

“Good Times” expanded cinema presented at the Seventh Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival. Cultural House, Jihlava, Czech Republic.

10 October 2003: Prague, Czech Republic

“The Grand Delusion” expanded cinema presented at the Palmovka Synagogue as part of Geluidkunst sound installation, Center for Contemporary Art Prague. Prague, Czech Republic.

27 May 2003: Trenčín, Slovakia

“Good Times” expanded cinema presented at AREA 51 courtyard, Farská 6, Trenčín, 22:00, part of the Multiplace “new media event”.

23 January 2003: Brno, Czech Republic

“Good Times” expanded cinema presented at Filmový Klub Fleda, Štefanikovo 24, Brno, 20:00.

24 January 2003: Bratislava, Slovakia

Buryzone presents “Good Times” expanded cinema at Filmový Klub 901, Račianska ulica 59, Bratislava, 19:00.


26-27 April 2002: UK

Work by The Tape-beatles and Public Works will be included in <di>fusion, a live & online open-platform happening for creative expression and action. The happening will simultaneously occupy global network spaces and a local physical space with collaborative performance, sound, music, DJ/VJ, and video events. We will be streaming audio and video during the entire 24 hours as well as hosting a variety of local and remote activities. Several global locations will be networked with us as well.

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26 May 2002: Eugene, Oregon

‘Good Times’ in Eugene, Oregon. Screening (on video) at Marc Moscato’s House, 1136 W 5th Ave in Eugene. 7:30 PM, free. More info: (541) 344 4066.

June 4-5, 2002: Weimar, Germany

4 June. Lecture and discussion, 18:00. The Tape-beatles expound on Plagiarism® and how they use it in their work to students at Bauhaus Media Gestaltung, Experimental Radio department.

5 June. Screening, 20:00. Tape-beatles present Good Times at Gaswerk, Weimar, Germany.

June 12-13, 2002: Prague

12 June: Webcast. Tape-beatles John Heck and Lloyd Dunn interview each other in an hourlong webcast. Begins 21:00 CET on Radio Jelení.

13 June: Talk/discussion. Dunn and Heck present their work and ideas and take Q & A from the audience. 19:00.

13 June: Screening. The Tape-beatles present their ‘expanded cinema’ work Good Times. Outdoor screening begins at 22:00.

All events take place at the Centrum pro Současné umění (Center for Contemporary Art), Jelení 9, Prague 1.

October 8, 2002: Brno, Czech Republic

Presentation of Good Times and a discussion of our ideas at FaVU, 16h00.

November 16: Pardubice, Czech Republic

Presentation of Good Times expanded cinema at Divadlo 29, Pardubice, Czech Republic. 18h00.

November 20-23: Chisinau, Moldova

“ODEON” cinema, Chisinau, Moldova. 6th Videomarathon: 20 hours of screenings including a video screening of “Good Times”. Info: ksa:k Center for Contemporary Art.

November: Minneapolis

Video screening of “Good Times” at the Festival of Appropriation, running throughout November at Rogue Buddha Art Gallery. The video will run continuously during opening hours.


17 September 2001: Prague

Sneak Preview. “Good Times” at Hotel Prokopka, Prokopova 9, Prague 3. Doors open at 18:00, admission free

25 September 2001: Iowa City, Iowa

The Tape-beatles preview ‘Good Times’ at Meeting Room A, Iowa City Public Library, 4:30 PM, admission free

Sound Unseen: 28 Sept-4 Oct 2001

The Tape-beatles at Sound Unseen (, an underground film and music festival exploring use of appropriated sound and images.

30 September 2001: Minneapolis

The Tape-beatles (with Escape Mechanism) present ‘Good Times’ at Oak Street Cinema, ( Minneapolis, 7:15pm

4 October 2001: Minneapolis

The Tape-beatles in a panel discussion on Intellectual Property issues at the Walker Art Center, ( Minneapolis, 5:30pm

5 October 2001: Chicago

The Tape-beatles (with Wet Gate and Steev Hise) present ‘Good Times’ at 6 Odum, 2116 W. Chicago St, Chicago, doors open 8:30, show starts 9:00pm

7 October 2001: Chicago

The Tape-beatles present ‘Good Times’ at The Empty Bottle ( with Jupiter and The Projectionists, 1035 N. Western, Chicago, 7:00pm

8 October 2001: Chicago

The Tape-beatles in a live improvisation with others at Driftworks #4, 2600 W. Fullerton, Chicago, 8:00pm

24 October 2001: Normal, Illinois

The Tape-beatles present ‘Good Times’ at Illinois State University University Galleries, Center for Visual Arts, Normal IL, 7:00pm

27 October 2001: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Tape-beatles present ‘Good Times’ at CSPS, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 8:00 pm

30 October 2001: Menomonie, Wisconsin

The Tape-beatles present ‘Good Times’ at University of Wisconsin Stout, 210 Applied Arts Bldg, Menomonie WI, 6:30pm

12 December 2001: Prague

The Tape-beatles present ‘Matter’ at Centrum pro Současné umění, Jelení 9, Prague, Czech Republic. Part of an evening of events marking the centeniary of Marconi’s first transatlantic radio transmission.


15 April 2000: Iowa City, Iowa

Tape-beatles present “Matter” and excerpt from the work in progress “Good Times” film, as well as their video “Re: Disk Rot” at the THAW 2000 Film Festival, University of Iowa, Iowa City.

26 February 2000: Barcelona, Spain

Tape-beatles present “Matter” and “The Grand Delusion” as part of the Zeppelin ’00 festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

16 February 2000: Iowa City

Tape-beatles present “The Grand Delusion” and excerpt from the work in progress “Good Times” film, at the Record Collector in Iowa City.

November 2000: New York

Lloyd Dunn presents Tape-beatle work at the School for Visual Arts, New York City.


26 April 1999: Chicago

Tape-beatles present “Matter” and “The Grand Delusion” at the Empty Bottle, Chicago.

Under construction. Older shows to be listed in the near future.

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