1. A Plan for your Future

Our objective is an ambitious one: to be brilliantly successful. Our strategy: to deny the possibility. On this point we feel extremely modest: though we may later try to pull ourselves together upon occasion, having felt we are losing by slow degrees all reason for living, incapable as we have become of being able to rise to some exceptional situation such as love, we will hardly succeed. Make sense! Be fair! Have fun! These three simple guidelines paraphrase a big part of the Tape-beatles’ philosophy.

2. A Collective Vision

Behind this ordered approach to art lies a larger commitment — to life. So strong is the belief in life, in what is most fragile in life — real life, I mean, that in the end this belief is lost. This attitude is manifest throughout the Tape-beatles. These admirable people in whom the system personifies itself are well known for not being what they are; they become great men by stooping below the reality of the smallest individual life, and people know it. I am willing to admit that they are, to some degree, victims of their imagination, in that it induces them not to pay attention to certain rules, but in the business of art, the practical application of the human imagination is both our constraint and our limitless endeavor.

3. Resources to Meet
the Basic Risks in Life

Life entails risk; that cannot be avoided. But when you provide for the most basic risks in life, a new degree of freedom becomes possible. The mind becomes aware of this limitless expanse where its desires are made manifest, where thoughtful discipline, combined with technical ingenuity and daring, results in rapid progress and meaningful achievements. This specialization of images of the world is completed in the world of the autonomous image, where the liar has lied to himself. The Tape-beatles are the locus of that search for lost unity. In this search for unity, the Tape-beatles as culture are obliged to negate themselves.

Spreadsheet statistics reveal that the Tape-beatles are the locus where the avant-garde and popular culture meet.