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February 2000

19.02.2000 / 21. The keystone. Produced during the ’San Leandro sessions’ in fall 1997, this, along with the ‘Nervous’ trilogy, was one of the first tracks committed to bits for what was to be a new CD by Public Works. (We all know how that one turned out.) The basic sounds of the piece consist of a time-stretched and overdubbed soundtrack to an advertisement for Coca-Cola. We like to think it’s not a Coke ad any more, and it’s this week’s Track-of-the-Week.

Collector Gig Goes Good

Tape-beatle Performance 17.02.2000 / Last night the Tape-beatles brought something old and something new to the table, and delivered an orgy of sight and sound to a late-trickling-in audience of a coupla-dozen at Iowa City’s Record Collector. In addition to their tried-and-true-blue three-screen spectacular The Grand Delusion, the brothers-of-Tape premiered three short films based on audio taken from their latest, Good Times.

‘It was a struggle,’ confessed Lloyd Dunn after the show was over, ‘but we managed to pull it off okay.’ Dunn was referring to the fact that the cement on some of the splices was not yet fully hardened at the time of the screening. John had to hold him back from actually continuing to edit the film, even while it ran through the projector. ‘Sometimes Lloyd just goes too far. But we’re excited to be performing in Barcelona next week,’ added John Heck, ‘and have been working hard to give our audience what they deserve.’ Need we say more?

Go look at some pictures of the gig.

Site Note — Updates Anon

Mp3s 12.02.2000 / 16. A strange story. This is the title of this week’s Mp3 track of the week from our most recent CD release Good Times. As our Iowa City and Barcelona gigs draw near, we have had less time to add content to the site, and so updates may not happen this week. We are, however, promising a good-faith effort to provide content as the journey unfolds, as long as we can find a reasonable way to hook up with our ISP. In any event, expect a complete report — with pictures — of our Iberian journey after we get back, just in time for the Ides of March.

7.02.2000 / The Absurdity of Copyright. A paper with this title by Dr. Godfried-Willem Raes has appeared on a Belgian website. It deals with intellectual property issues, especially with respect to music and composers, going into some of the historical justifications for copyright law.

Read The Absurdity of Copyright by Dr. Godfried-Willem Raes.

5.02.2000 / 15. Point within a circle. Our track-of-the-week from the CD Good Times, available immediately as an mp3 download, bridges the gap between the ‘Nervous’ trilogy and ‘Joy and power’. Originally commissioned as part of a tribute compilation for D.J. Spooky making use of samples of his work, the project was never realized. We got this track out of it, anyway.

Tape-beatles to perform in Iowa City

2.02.2000 / Come downtown on Wednesday, February 16 at 7:00 PM to see The Tape-beatles take over the sales floor of The Record Collector, 124 E. Washington St., and present one of their Expanded Cinema works. Admission is free, but expect us to work a guilt trip on you if you don’t buy any of our CDs.


Tape-beatles All Set to Reign in Spain

Spain 29.01.2000 / We are pleased to announce that the Tape-beatles have been invited to present their Polyvision presentations in Barcelona at the Zèppelin ’00 III Sound art Festival. Currently in its third year, the festival will take place at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona from February 24 through 26, 2000. In addition to other sound exhibits, there will be three nightly concerts or presentations, consisting of Phil Minton on the 24th, 45 Niggas on the 25th, and The Tape-beatles on the 26th. There is more information about each event at the Orquestra del Caos web page.

The Tape-beatles will present their staple ‘expanded-cinema’ works The Grand Delusion and Matter. It is also possible that a segment from their work-in-progress film for Good Times will be shown, but the Tape-beatles are making no promises in this regard.

Zèppelin ’00 is directed and coordinated by Orquestra del Caos, whose membership includes José Manuel Berenguer, Oscar Abril Ascaso, Carlos Gómez and Clara Gari, with Airí Masgrau as technical coordinator.

For ticket information and the festival schedule, the contact information follows:

Orquestra del Caos
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Montalegre, 5
E-08001 Barcelona Spain

Tel. 34-93-3064100; Fax 34-93-3064110; Email

Or visit

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