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October 2002

o-blog  an i.p. blog o-blog: an i.p. blog


<art> is a that “presents a unified perspective of every thought, person, society, object and history by determining the number of their possibilities” and, as such, purports to give a portrait, in extremely large numbers, of reality and possibility.

<ip> An ongoing copyright debate, sponsored by Rightswatch, continues at Spiked with the appearance of three additional commissioned responses. (Scroll down. The new responses are Isherwood, Claude, and Lewis.)


<ip> Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) is introducing a bill called the “Digital Choice and Freedom Act” as a response to the entertainment cartel’s bid to take away rights consumers have traditionally enjoyed. The bill aims to amend the DMCA. And here are some summaries of similar initiatives (1, 2, 3). Still, big entertainment continues to have some legislators in their back pockets. pho


<ip> By the way, New bills aim to protect consumers’ use of digital media, and further, Dan Gillmor reports that Apple stands firm against entertainment cartel. nettime


<ip> The people speak. has a piece about pop stars whining about lost sales (I strongly suspect that the RIAA put them up to it in the first place) — but far more interesting than the puff piece is the reader response to it. pho

<tech> It had to happen. According to this report, digital photography has now surpassed the quality of traditional emulsion photography. (Of course, the camera in question has a suggests list of nearly $US 9,000.) /.

<culture> And then there’s this piece about a commentator’s perceived change in geek culture. /.


<ip> The New York Times today tells of a big problem the entertainment cartel has to deal with in squelching file sharing, particularly in light of decentralized client software: geography. reg.req

<music> Let me call your attention … The American Music Center has a web magazine called NewMusicBox that seems to have some interesting contributors.

<ip> A district judge hearing a complaint by the ever-beloved RIAA against song-swappers finds (lo and behold) that the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) isunclear.


<tech> Bummed about surveillance cams watching you everywhere? Michael Naimark, an artist and technologist from Silicon Valley, has come up with a way to blind them by zapping them with a laser pointer. /.

<ip> For once, they get it right. Resident Bush will likely sign into law a bill that allows educational institutions to use copyrighted dramatic works in online courses without prior consent of the copyright holder. (Personal note: when I once taught a film history class over a satellite downlink, I was told I could only use public domain films in the class, essentially cutting off film “history” at about 1950. This law would make possible a more complete curriculum online.) The bill also exempts small webcasters from paying royalty fees. pho

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O-blog Going Well in Its Third Month

a prague street crossing

Feedback Requested

When we started the web log (that appears in the column at left) about three months ago, we assumed there would be days of plenty and paucity, but so far, there have been almost no dearth days, that is, days when we found nothing to comment on! There have been few contributions from outside — probably numbering fewer than a dozen all told — and yet we have had no shortage of links to pass on.

So, while it would seem we could do it without you, we don’t want to. So this is a brief plea to drop us a message any time you come across an unusual site that fascinates or otherwise captures your interest, and send them to us. Or, if you don’t want to do that, write us a note telling us how we can improve the selection of topics, or how we can improve our descriptions, or any other general improvements you can think of.

Remember, the “o” in “o-blog” stands for “open”!

read our o-blog guidelines.


The Tape-beatles Get Back to Work

The Tape-beatles present their work to students in Brno.

And This Time, We Mean it!

Summer’s dog days, and August in particular, seem to drain everyone (i.e., your Tape-beatles) of the energy even to produce Great Art™. September is transitional and serves expectation’s fancy, as long strolls among the trees along sun-dappled avenues become once again a pleasant pastime. And then, the first chill snap of autumn brings everyone around like smelling salts (or bolt upright like electrical shocks), and then you better watch out ! because there just don’t seem to be enough tasks to sap the excess energy.

Heck returns. Among other things feeding that galvanizing force, John Heck and his wife Lucie have made their triumphant return to the City by the Running Waters (happily, no longer under the Running Waters). After a summer of house repairs and travels taking them though, among other places, the US Southwest’s magnificent Monument Valley, Heck returns with a spring in his step and keen eye on the to-do list.

Dunn shares wisdom. Part of what’s been keeping Lloyd Dunn off the streets was last week’s a workshop he conducted at Prague’s Centrum pro Současné umění (Center for Contemporary Art). The two-day class introduced those who attended to Final Cut Pro (Apple Computer’s fantabulous digital video editing software) and taught them the basics. Dunn’s adeptitude at the program came from the many hours he spent in the Glassed-in Labs, East editing the Good Times program for video release, yet to come.

“Good Times” Rough Cut
Viewed at FaVU Media Class

Post office, Brno, Czech Republic

Tape-beatles in Moravia

Yet another autumnal undertaking by the group was a day trip they took to city of Brno, in the heart of Moravia, as the eastern part of the Czech lands is known. But this was no idle joy ride, instead we went to present our work to students of art and new media at FaVU, the local Faculty of Fine Arts. We introduced ourselves and our ideas, and showed an excerpt from the preliminary edit of the Good Times video that we are working on. A technical glitch in the disk playback made the soundtrack devolve into bleats and squeaks (some in the room were thinking this was the soundtrack we intended ! always a hazard with electronic music). As John tried to rectify the problem, Lloyd answered questions from the lively group. Problem solved, we watched the program to the end.

Afterward, certain people introduced themselves, and new possibilities were opened up to the Tape-beatles via various offers. But there will be time enough to tell you about that later, when our plans become more concrete.

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