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June 2000

Mp3s by Public Works 25.06.2000 / Track of the Week. It’s that time again — so launch your mp3 players for a new online track entitled (mother). This longish number is composed of a variety of alternative mixes, studio experiments, and set-aside ideas for works that never gelled into self-contained pieces. We think you’ll agree that, in spite of their rough edges (or because of them!) they deserve a place on your disk drive.

The Glassed-in Labs sign Multi-picture Deal with Paramount

21.06.2000 / Although the details are a bit fuzzy (and dissipating as we spreak), never let it be said that we don’t have overactive imaginations. If our dream life of unarguable commercial success is only tempered by a deeply rooted skepticism about our complicity, potential or otherwise, with oppressive social practices, it is only because we ourselves have to live in the world that we help build with our individual acts and farther-reaching activities. This philosophical pause is brought to you by the makers of Coca-Cola bottled beverages.

I’ve temporarily lost my ability to link.

Track of the Week

18.06.2000 / Continuing in the serialization of the four old-new tracks from our recent re-issue of The Grand Delusion CD is the longest track from the collection, a nearly-six-minute electro-ditty called (the difference). (So-called because in the middle some joker yells, ‘d’ya see THE DIFFERENCE’?) The thing about these new tracks is that they start out sounding familiar, like other tracks from the recording, but soon something a little strange starts to happen. And before you know it you’re hearing something you’ve never heard before. But you know, we always do our best, etc.


Public Works adapts ‘Matter’ polyvision to Video

Matter by Public Works 16.06.2000 / We are pleased to announce our latest release, a video adaptation of the ‘expanded cinema’ spectacle based on the Public Works 1996 début CD Matter.

When we first placed Matter before the public, it had the form of a compact disk soundtrack bundled with an elaborate visual booklet. For Public Works, the themes in the work expressed an interest in a continued use of practices put in place as part of the Tape-beatles’ modus, but laboriously tooled to a modified purpose. The result is a work that generalizes entrenched technique while specifying distinct new areas of content for exploration.

If the ideosphere of Matter the CD appeared to our audience a bit fuzzy at first, the next stage Matter the PolyVision (1997) brought it into sharper focus. Over an intense four-week period, a stack of found and donated 16mm reels was cleaved to the audio to create a whole of two halves not longer easy to cleave asunder. The set presentation has been performed before dozens of audiences in North American and Europe under the genera ‘expanded cinema’.

The current newly-released title, Matter the video, both documents the multimedia spectacle of PolyVision, and provides the public with a new version of it. Hence, we refer to this release as a ‘video adaptation’ of the expanded cinema show that is Matter.

As of your reading of this, Matter is available on VHS-NTSC for the nominal fee of $12.50 (plus shipping).

You can order one as usual.

Return of ‘Track of the Week’

11.06.2000 / News from PWP (Public Works Productions) has been a bit slow of late — but such piffling trifles have never worried the lads of oxide for long. Ordinarily, we have the power to just make something up! (If you had somehow come to believe that this site was a ‘journalistic’ endeavor, I hearby disabuse you of that notion. Our fiction is as big as the 26 letters of the alphabet will allow.)

So anyway, this being a slow news month and all, I won’t waste your time by underscoring the hard-fought behind-the-scenes accomplishments that go on even as we spreak (‘spreak’ is a new word I just made up to express the thought that, even though I am not speaking, I might as well be, since my words, assuming you are an attentive reader, are filling your head, just as if I were speaking to you). Because we really are in the trenches (well, not literally) of audio art, working to bring you, dear listener, the very best we have to offer.

And so, in thanks, we offer this gift: the return of Track of the Week. This week’s mp3 file is one of the newly-unearthed and tacked-onto-the-end pieces from the lately-released re-issue of The Grand Delusion. It is called 18. (more difficulties).

1.06.2000 / Old Content Newly Available. The thing is, we don’t always have something new to add to our burgeoning electronic presence in the world ideosphere — so occasionally we have to cheat. This may be one of those times. There was a time when the web-surfing population, eager to have the spectacle create within them new human nature to dominate, would consider us guilty of purveying ‘shovelware’, i.e. content conceived for another purpose in the past, ‘re-purposed’ to add padding to an otherwise thin web offering. For the present instance, this is clearly not the case. This content belongs here. It consists of a fleshing-out in a backwards direction of our news section, which regales the reader with our exploits; to wit: old pictures of the group and news items about us, forming a chronology of the early days of the group. These pieces once appeared in the late great zines PhotoStatic and Retrofuturism, and here they are again.

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