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November 1988

Lloyd Dunn and Geoff Seelinger at the Museum of Art, Iowa City

Lloyd Dunn and Geoff Seelinger at a Tape-beatle performance at the Museum of Art. Geoff occasionally collaborated with the Tape-beatles in their performances.

Famed Audio Artists Meet Their Makers
in Hopeless Bout with Cancer

‘Let’s face it, ours is a highly competitive and far too often faceless industry. That’s why you’ll find the Tape-beatles a refreshing change from the norm. It has always been our goal to offer our customers more than simply the best products and services available. Additionally we strive to provide that measure of professionalism that goes beyond our customers’ expectations … ’

The Tape-beatles, a group of audio artists who had recently published their first cassette, A subtle buoyancy of pulse;, and had recently presented their work as a performance at Gabe’s Oasis in Iowa City for an I-CARE AIDS benefit on October 24, 1988, died of liver cancer last Wednesday. They were 98 years old.

The Tape-beatles were internationally known for their original and experimental audio work, all the while claiming PLAGIARISM® as a positive artistic technique. Their latest product was a boldly graphic, white on black t-shirt. Emblazoned across it was the PLAGIARISM® logo which they had become famous for. The handsome garment [used to be] available at a price of $9.00 postage paid from their estate at P.O. Box 8907, Iowa City IA 52244. On November 1 they were due to perform live on a local Iowa City radio station, KRUI 89.7 fm, as part of the experimental music show Curious Music hosted by Russ Curry. It is rumored that a final taped performance had been prepared.

The Tape-beatles are survived by various friends and family, and their loss will be deeply felt. Some few statements from the bereaved follow:

‘My dear friends, my admiration for you was not dependent on any perpetual reference to your “virtues” or “faults.”’ — Russ Curry

‘My dear Tape-beatles, it is possible I may never return to Iowa City. This evening I insulted everything you can insult. I am undone. Blood flows from my eyes, my nostrils, and my mouth. Do not abandon me. Defend my cause.’ — F. John Herbert

‘And the final vanity of this ghost will be to stink eternally among the foulsmells of paradise at the certain and not-far-distant conversion of the pheasant the Tape-beatles.’ — Lloyd’s mother

‘I would enjoy seeing their nose bleed.’ — one of Ralph’s uncles

Ralph Johnson

This item first appeared in PhotoStatic Magazine no. 33.

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