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January 2003

o-blog  an i.p. blog o-blog: an i.p. blog


©¦ IP taking hold in China. An artist has won a copyright suit against the Museum of Chinese Revolution for selling reproductions of his painting of Chairman Mao without compensating him.


©¦ An article has appeared at about the Future of Music Coalition, a group that seeks to document “the structures of imbalance and inequity that impede the development of an American musicians’ middle class, and translating legislative-speak into language that musicians and citizens can understand.” Read “The Empire of the Air”.

culture¦ features an opinion piece berating the hip-hop scene for having lost its social conscience, among other things. Persuasively argued from a hip-hop fan and insider.


©¦ Article at looks at the legality of TV show swapping.

©¦ Read how the Supreme Court entered DVD-copying software case, then read about how they backed out of the DVD-copying software case.

©¦ A piece at offers a link to a pdf documenting the various ways the much-reported-on fall in CD sales can be skewed one way or the other. Offers the insight that reporters, content providers themselves, have a conflict of interest that shows up in how they report the figures.

©¦ Three recent articles at deal with ip: 1) EU copyrights about to expire on 50-year-old works 2) US companies complain about the above and 3) Studios use digital armor to fight piracy. [reg.req]


¦ From comes this essay about outgoing Czech president Václav Havel, former dissident, noted playwright, and first post-socialist president of that country. The admiration for Havel evident in the article is, in my view, well placed.

tech¦ A recent opinion piece Put the Compact Disc Out of Its Misery looks at why the new high resolution CD audio formats will likely go nowhere.

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Tape-beatles a Form of Political Speech

DIY Media

“Unbelievably believable”

Another eagle-eyed Tape-beatle scout (thanks Jon N.) points out that independent news source has posted a new gallery to their Media Collage Index that includes work by The Tape-beatles. “Fortunately,” reads the explanation at the site, “through the magic of creative individuals and relatively cheap digital audio editing tools, the speech of political creatures can finally be unspun, and the truth laid bare.” It is within this context that two pieces from our 1993 release The Grand Delusion have been linked at their site, and next to a picture of Dan Quayle, since his voice is featured prominently in both of the tracks.

Visit the DIY Media site

End of January Shows Planned

on our way

Moravia, Slovakia
to Host Gigs

Mid-winter’s come, and in spite of the cruel chill in the air, we’ve managed to net a few commitments; that is to say, two venues have committed to present our work in the near future, and we have committed to appear. In both cases, the program will consist of a live “expanded cinema” presentation of our most recent major work Good Times.

January 23. It’ll be a Thursday when we visit the city of Brno once again to screen Good Times before the assembled spectators at the Fleda Film Club (Filmový Klub Fleda), Štefánikova 24, in Brno. The show begins at 8 PM.

Tel. 0777/843 662; E-mail:

• Visit Fleda for more information

January 24. The following evening, a Friday, we cross an international border to take our show to Bratislava, the capital city of the Slovak Republic. There we will screen Good Times at the invitation of Buryzone, an up-and-coming media arts venue. The screening will take place at Film Club 901 (Filmový Klub 901), Račianska ulica 59, Bratislava. We take the stage at 7 PM. After the show, around 9 PM, we will adjourn to Buryzone for a party.

Tel. +421 2 5244 4559; E-mail:

• Visit Buryzone for more information

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