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Sorry, sold out — But the CD is still available

‘Music with Sound’ re-released on LP Picture Disk

Music with Sound LP Picture-disc

This item was released in a limited edition and is no longer available.



Minneapolis Summit (MiniCD)

Numbers (9-inch EP)

Good Times


The Grand Delusion

Music with Sound

A subtle buoyancy of pulse


Minneapolis Summit (Mini VideoCD)

Matter (video)

The Grand Delusion (video)


Sorry, sold out.

Consider this object to be a scratch instrument. Consider it a work of spinning beauty. An unexpected repurposing of old work in an au courant obsolete form. A plagiarism of itself. An audio fine print. Retro-po-mo-self-parody, if you must. But above all, consider it.

These are the Facts: This is a limited edition (only 200 copies have been pressed) of which we have a limited number to sell (10% of the press run, and not expecting to get more). Each side features a different full color graphic extemporizing on the original 1990 release’s graphic identity in unexpected ways. The grooves are clean sounding and of a high quality. The 31 tracks are the same as in the 1990 release, nothing added or taken away. You will sample it, you will do ‘scratch’ improvisations with it. Or you will turn it into a wall hanging, or perhaps a clock. Mostly, you will simply treasure it, for you will know you took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime deal. (Released by Staalplaat.)

This recording was a limited edition and is no longer available as an LP. The CD remains available, however, and contains additional tracks.

But wait, says the sly salesman, there’s more

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