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July 2003

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©¦ Newsfeed. A court in Chicago has ruled that, just because a service masks the type of content that is being exchanged, this is no protection from litigation in copyright claims made against such a service. • Meanwhile, reports that “...peer-to-peer developers say they're seeing an upsurge of interest in tools that purport to hide identities.”

radio¦ Net radio revealed. Acoustic Space is a site devoted to net radio, offering information, links, a guide, a mailing list, and chat. (The links page alone will be well worth your visit.)


©¦ Newsfeed. The BBC reports on the EFF’s recent campaign to get file swappers to join a lobby. • You can listen to NPR’s recent segment entitled “Music File Sharing.” • Slashdot reports on the recent closure of Open Content, an organization providing open source licences — they are closing at least partly in the interest of simplicity, encouraging people to use Creative Commons licences instead.

media¦ Next year. The pixel (short for picture element), the atom out of which electronically displayed text and graphics are made, turns 50 in 2004. Linked article is a reflection on the contribution they, and their users, have made.


war¦ Who Watches the Watchers? If Total Information Awareness keeps an eye on you, then Government Information Awareness allows you to keep an eye on the watchers. (Interest in the site has been such that some features of the site are unavailable at the moment.)

©¦ Open Source Manifesto. For reference’ sake, here’s the link to the Manifesto on the role of Open Source Software for Development Cooperation. Lays out some of the core values of the movement, and encourages the use of open source whenever feasible.


©¦ Not gonna work. A recent opinion piece, responding directly to a recent New Yorker cover article on the subject, explains why the RIAA’s “scare tactics just won’t wash.” The piece talks about the fleeting transience of today’s commercial music acts, and how it’s become pointless for the trend-happy to invest in CDs that will embarrass them in three month’s time.

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Tape-beatles Find Selves on
Periphery of Gala Art Events

Lost Expedition Tour bus

Willful Obscurity, Bohemian Lifestyle Take Toll

Never ones for taking the direct approach, your fellows-in-tape often veer in erratic arcs to accomplish everyday tasks, such as the preparation of their meagre meals, or the routine undishevelment of a living quarters. “It’s practically a philosophical stance with those guys,” says their disgruntled landlady of thirty-seven years, Dame Mae Whittie, from the porch of her Iowa City prairie-style bungalow. “I only become undisgruntled if the rent comes in on time,” she confesses. That said, the Tape-beatles are indirectly involved in a small handful of upcoming events that are — shall we say — of an “artistic” nature.

Illegal Art Goes to SFMOMA. The Illegal Art exhibition, to which the Tape-beatles contributed a track for their giveaway CD compilation, will appear this July at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artist Gallery. It has already been on exhibit in New York and Chicago. A panel discussion will be peopled with such luminaries as Lawrence Lessig (Stanford Law Professor), Carrie McLaren, (Stay Free! magazine), Kembrew McLeod (artist and University of Iowa professor), and Rick Prelinger (Prelinger Archives), among others.

• Visit Illegal Art for details

“Sonic Outlaws” at Karlovy Vary. Screened just last month here in Prague at our informal screening salon, the 1995 film Sonic Outlaws will appear again in the Czech Republic, this time at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, one of Europe’s most prestigious rendez-vous for film lovers, especially in eastern Europe. The KVIFF site describes the film as: “an essential landmark in contemporary art,” and lauds it for its asking of pertinent questions regarding intellectual property and creativity and the point where these constructs come into collision. We couldn’t agree more.

• Visit the KVIFF site for details

Dunn Helps Document Prague Quadrennial. Now in the final week of its fortnight stint, the Prague Quadrennial is being documented by a “Lost Expedition Tour” bus parked on in the exhibition hall. The activities centered around the bus include webcasting events from the “Heart of PQ,” a section devoted to performance and interactive exhibits of all sorts. Presenters from 52 countries are taking part in the presentations, and among the participants are Maoris, Russians, Kazakhs, Finns, Germans, Japanese, Poles, Czechs, Americans, Canadians, Britons, South Africans, and many others. Among the Lost Expeditioneers is Lloyd Dunn, who is updating the website, as well as collecting footage for a future DVD to document the events.

• Tune in to RadioJelení to watch

Prague public art

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