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March 2002

‘Patent Nonsense’ plus some New Mixes   [updated again]

Today’s Reading

2002-03-18 / A digital consumer ‘bill of rights’ has been posted in a effort to forestall the culture industry's attempts to take away rights the public has traditionally enjoyed with regard to how they use legally acquired published content. You can have the organization fax your congressman on your behalf in support of this statement, if you wish.

Read “The Digital Consumer Bill of Rights”

2002-03-16 / Steev Hise writes: “George Monbiot of The Guardian is always great. Here he is weighing in on IP law and the fact that if the laws had been so strict in the past, the very corporations pushing for them wouldn’t have been able to exist (thanx to wobbly and monica for bringing this to my attention).”

Read “Patent Nonsense”

Whither Music? The New York Times has an interesting, at times insightful, article about the relationship between technology, and how the application of technology changes music itself.

Read “Where Music Will be Coming Froms”

Track(s) of the Week

noise 03-24 / The third track from Numbers is the current Track of the Week. It is called interlude, and beyond that, not much needs to be said, for it serves that eponymous function in the sequence of the composition.

03-17 / Last week’s track for download was the second one appearing on the Public Works release Numbers. The working title was ballantine mix, and since we never named the tracks on numbers, that remains the working title of the track. Ralph considers it to be the ‘hit single’ from the release. See if you don’t agree.

NEW SERIES   Mp3 Tracks from ‘Numbers’ by Public Works

2002-03-10 / Eight Tracks, One a Week. Perhaps you were thinking that we forgot, distracted by our hectic schedules and never ending to-do lists of Great Art™ to commit to solid form. Perhaps, dazzled by the array of audio riches we offer on our various Mp3 download pages, you still strangely felt vaguely dissatisfied. Something was missing. It was difficult to put your finger on it. But eventually it came to you. The glaring hole was too deep and too black to ignore forever. It came suddenly into sharp focus, and the question was formed: ‘Where are the mp3 tracks from that release of 2001, Numbers, by Public Works?’

Well, we didn’t forget. Lest you thought our past generosity in dealing these files to the general public by the latest in modern electronic means had found its end, here we are again to disavow that conjecture. It just so happens that, here at the Glassed-in Labs, we schedule these things. We can’t just have all of our work come tumbling out at once, like an up-ended sack of potatoes, can we? Like everyone else, we need to pace ourselves, lest the brilliance and dazzle of the assembled ensemble become overwhelming. You can dull your perceptions by exposing them wantonly to too much stimulation! Easy does it!

As luck would have it currently, however, and as the purpose of these extended remarks will make clear, we are bringing forth the most recent of our works into broad light of public day via http download protocol. Thank Prometheus, it is technology that makes this possible. Celebrate this fact with your own downloading rituals. Click and be happy.

Grab the first of these tracks to hear for yourself. Stop back each Monday for the next eight weeks to hear a new track.

Three Items: Two to Read and One to Hear   [updated]

Today’s Reading

2002-03-07 / Jon Leidecker writes: “Recent websurfing unearthed an article by Wendy J. Gordon (see below). It’s basically a sequel/restatement of her first amazing article on the subject, ‘Fair Use as Market Failure,’ answering to several misreadings of the first article and clarifying her points. It’s totally amazing, she’s at ground zero in the IP wars, this is crucial reading.”

Read “Excuse and Justification”

… in the Law of Fair Use: Commodification and Market Perspectives

2002-02-24 / The ever-busy Lawrence Lessig has come to the defense of the Public Domain once again with a new article in the American Spectator. One of the coolest-headed, best-informed and most legally-astute voices in the debate, his writings serve as source texts for us all.

Read “Control and Creativity”

… The future of Ideas is in the Balance

Track of the Week

noise The request was made for a work of infinite length, and the Tape-beatles complied. The proposal before us, you see, was to make an LP that consisted of a collection of locked grooves from as many different artists as could be technically fit onto the standard 12-inch form factor. The result was the lockERS LP, and our contribution forms the basis for our current Track of the Week. Of course, we’ve had to create sound file of specific length to represent our lockERS contribution; nonetheless here it is.

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