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November 2002

o-blog  an i.p. blog o-blog: an i.p. blog


music¦ Composer Philip Glass hosts a roundtable discussion at “about digital technology’s impact on new music.” Weighing in with their opinements are Morton Subotnik, Michael Riesman, Paul Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky, and John Moran. ck

war¦ Salman Rushdie argues in favor of regime change in Iraq in an opinion piece entitled A Liberal Argument for Regime Change. Agree with it or not, he makes his point by using an approach that has so far eluded the Bush regime: reasonable argument. mefi

©¦ What is the Artist Empowerment Coalition? Here’s your chance to find out. rumori


radio¦ Today, a couple of pieces concerning radio, an often overlooked, but pervasive and singularly effective medium. The FCC wants to free up the airwaves. And, one scientist champions the shift from hardware-based radio to software radio. bb

art¦ Don’t forget: The Fourth Annual Festival of Appropriation at the Rogue Buddha Gallery in Minneapolis, sponsored by Some Assembly Required, begins this weekend, and continues throughout the month of November. rumori

©¦ On the pro-copyright side of things, a commentary by a software engineer on argues that Weak copyrights would kill “fair use”. pho


www¦ Article from lays out the ways in which the infotainment cartels are working hard behind the scenes trying to transform the internet into basically another form of television: read “The Death Of The Internet: How Industry Intends To Kill The ’Net As We Know It”. pho

©¦ The University of Vienna is convening a conference on the Intellectual Property of Digital Processes from Nov. 8-10, 2002. Admission is free. nettime

culture¦ overviews The Rosetta Project, which is an attempt to archive the world’s major languages in a format that will still be usable thousands of years from now: here’s the article.


culture¦ Go and read Black to the Future: Afro-Futurism 1.0 by Mark Dery. It weaves interesting connections between African-American subcultures, science fiction, techno, and other contemporary genres. rumori

©¦ The sky is apparently falling (more and more). Increasingly hand-wringing articles here, here, and here about the damage file sharing is doing to the entertainment cartels. pho

tech¦ Researchers at MIT are working on computer displays that present holographic images in motion, without the aid of special glasses. It’s some time off in the future, so we have some time to think of all the creative uses we’ll put it to when we finally have it.


©¦ In an attempt to staunch the bleeding, BMG has announced that all its future CD offerings will sport copy protection, in the European markets, at least. Meanwhile, two companies specializing in copy protection are discussing a merger to pool their resources.

©¦ The mainstream press is starting to prepare us for the eventual adoption of DRM (digital rights management) in personal computers, which promises to richly reward the information industries, while artificially limiting what people can do with their own computers. At least the critics are wary, anyway. pho

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November Events Fall into Place

photographed on pardubice's main town square

Live and Otherwise

A great thing about being in the Tape-beatles is that it allows us to visit a lot of places. And even when it doesn’t, our work sometimes gets out to these places on its own. A case in point is this month’s series of Tape-beatles-related événements, as the French would say. (The rest of us would say simply “events”.) The locations involved are widely dispersed, even if your Tape-beatles are not.

A live one. Last Saturday brought the Tape-beatles in person to Pardubice, a city of about one decimillion about an hour east of Prague. The venue’s name? Divadlo 29 (“Theatre 29”). Our expanded cinema piece “Good Times” appeared within the framework of a festival of works by foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

And foreign we were. Curtain-up revealed the auditorium seats to be only sparsely peppered with spectators, who nonetheless by show’s end seemed to respond well to our well-worn offering. Some thanks for this is certainly due to the contribution made by Lucie Hecková, wife of John Heck, who ably supplied spoken translation into Czech during a section of the show that required, we felt, this level of verbal comprehension in order to get our point across.

We stayed the night in Pardubice, and the next day was spent strolling the historic old town, as well as milling about the grounds of the local Renaissance castle. The weather indulged us with unseasonably spring-like temperatures, and we willingly accepted its lavished riches. We dallied with passing butterflies in the town square. We visited a woods around nearby Choltice where, it is said locally, some of the oldest trees in Bohemia grow. We ran into people we’d just met the night before who invited us in for tea, topinka, and rose-hip wine.

Appearances by post. Two other events this month count among them presentations involving our work, but do not require our personal attendance. VideoCD copies of a preliminary edit of the “Good Times” show are being presented at seeming opposite ends of the earth: in Minneapolis, Minn., as part of the Festival of Appropriation, which continues throughout this month; and in Chişinău, Moldova, as part of the 6th Videomarathon, running from November 20-23. Local sites linked below will contain more details on these events.

Festival of Appropriation in Minneapolis, USA

6th Videomarathon in Chişinău, Moldova

History the Object of Recent Addition

the static output in 1997

Old Sites Revisited

Though it went unobserved, earlier this year, in March to be exact, this site passed its fifth anniversary. Five years! The cliché is revelatory: it does, indeed, seem only like yesterday.

Still, it’s been a varied half-decade. In that time, the dormant Tape-beatles slowly wheezed back into existence after a three-year cæsura (neatly supplanted by the peak of Public Works’ activity as a group). The site as originally envisioned began as a multi-purpose one encompassing various activities. Known as “The Static Output”, it included PhotoStatic Magazine, Retrofuturism, and all the various activities of the “Aggressive School of Cultural Workers”, as well your Tape-beatles and Public Works Productions. Today, our joint but separate projects each gets the spotlight in their own, dedicated digital spaces (links below).

Unfortunately, the web archives itself neither easily nor well. Sites are dynamic (even when not supported by a database-driven backend) and the best we can hope for in our stroll down memory lane is a series of fleeting, representative, saved states. That is what we are introducing to you today: the selection of one front page from each of the last five years, and presented for your inspection. Many of the links on these resuscitated pages won’t work — this exercise is merely to document the site’s appearance, since the content from that time has either been superceded or incorporated into the present site.

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buchenwald, thuringia

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