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May 2003

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©¦ The shakeup continues. has reported on the success of ProTools, relatively inexpensive audio recording, mixing, and mastering software that is threatening the livelihood of recording studios.


©¦ Settled. The recording cartel has settled out of court their complaint against four college student file sharers. My take is that they settled for much lower than they were asking for so as not to appear to be the bad guy; at the same time they sued in the first place to let college students they were serious about the issue.

©¦ Newsfeed. NPR’s All Things Considered has done a piece about how independent musicians and labels are putting their efforts to benefit from the internet, rather than fighting it, as the majors have done [real|wma.req]. • The CEO of Lindows, a computer maker that sells cheap boxes with Linux running underneath their own GUI has come out with an opinion piece: Microsoft and Apple Sell Out Music Fans. • Here’s more about the Industry Functional Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property Rights for Trade Policy Matters, about which Lawrence Lessig blogged yesterday.


©¦ Newsfeed. [reg.req] reports on the recording industry’s efforts to use software means to break into private computers in an effort to warn and discourage file sharers, possibly going so far as to actually delete offending files from the user’s hard drives. Of course, that would be illegal. Here’s the Slashdot discussion.


©¦ In case you were interested, here’s an explanation of what is meant by the reasonability-enhanced Founder’s Copyright, brought to you by the good people at Creative Commons.


©¦ Newsfeed. An opinion piece at the Chronicle of Higher Education goes into the reasons why copyright is for the public good; the piece is reproduced with commentary at NYU professor and copyright specialist Siva Vaidhyanathan’s weblog. • PBS’s News Hour Online has a text overview of a recent broadcast piece Digital Copyright Fight. It interviews Lawrence Lessig, among others. • Today’s Andrew Orlowski piece at The Register accuses the RIAA of attacking culture, and with it, the American mind.


©¦ Newsfeed. Two things from • There now exists a new “cloaking” app that allows p2p users, by means of IP blocking, to post copyright-protected files without known snooping addresses being able to get at them. • And, a fund is being set up to help pay off the debts of those file-sharing college students who recently settled out of court in a suit brought against them by the RIAA.


©¦ Future of p2p. In the aftermath of a surprising legal victory, here’s some legal commentary, for those interested in such things, on “Why Grokster and Morpheus Won, Why Napster Lost, and What the Future of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Looks Like Now.” It compares, contrasts, and lays out some options.

media¦ Will micropayments work? The University of Minnesota Digital Technology Center’s Andrew Odlyzko thinks they won’t. Here’s his paper explaining why.

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Various Things, Tightly Packed

a can of anchovy-wrapped capers

Upcoming Events

The last week of May will bring to world consciousness a brief blurt of activity by the group of which this web site is the subject. To spare you of another such dreary circumlocution, I will simply direct you to the following paragraph.

Screening “salon”. On May 20, the Tape-beatles will host another salon-like gathering, this time at the Center for Contemporary Arts at Jelení 9, Prague. Last month, you will recall, we held an informal gathering at our atelier in honor of a visit by Peter Conheim. The upcoming event, organized by John Heck, will showcase two films (on video) by Craig Baldwin. We will begin with his 1995 film Sonic Outlaws (in which, not incidentally, Tape-beatle Lloyd Dunn garners screen time, and a listing in the Internet Movie Database). Then we will proceed to a more recent work, the exquisellent Spectres of the Spectrum. For those of you who don’t know (for shame!), Baldwin is an MMFF (“Mad Maven of Found Footage”) of the first order, fitting perfectly into the Pantheon of Paragons of Our Ideosphere, right there, between Orson Welles and The Simpsons.

Hands-on how-to. The previous afternoon, on May 19, Lloyd will present another of his Final Cut Pro workshops, at the same place, under the auspices of the same organization.

• Visit the Center for Contemporary Arts

Presentation. The Tape-beatles are pleased to announce their participation in the Multiplace New Media Event, a week-long festival which being held in Trenčín, Slovakia, during the last week of May. We will present our expanded cinema presentation Good Times during the festival at the AREA 51 club. The show begins at 20:00 on Tuesday, May 27.

This will be the Tape-beatles’ second appearance in Slovakia. Their first was last January, when they presented Good Times at a film club in Bratislava, the capital city.

• For more information: visit Multiplace

Harlan, Iowa W.P.A Mural

Our Readers Write

Here at Public Works Productions HQ, otherwise known as The Glassed-in Labs, in the heart of classical Bohemia, current home of your trusty hardworking Tape-beatles, we occasionally receive letters like this one:

	Subject: Archived Article May 1997 
	Public Works Magazine                           
	I am very interested in a an study that was 
	originally published in your magazine May 
	1997 entitled "A Trip-and-Fall Hazard: Parking 
	Lot Wheelstops".  This study was referenced 
	in an article written by Paul C. Box in a 
	publication called Parking Today.  
	Could you or do you have a copy of this 
	study that I can reference?
	Your help is sincerely appreciated!
	Tom M--, Director of Safety
	A-- System Parking

This misdirected missive did not go unresponded to. Like the local busybody who will go up to strangers on the street who have a lost appearance in their demeanor, we sent Mr. M-- on his way to the greener informative pastures he sought. Lest you think we treat these interruptions as a waste of time, it is only to be said that we find that such letters are illuminating! Would we have dared hazard a guess, before this, that such magazines as Parking Today containing entire articles on the subject of parking lot wheelstops, we would have surely dismissed the apparition of our fevered imaginations as a hallucination brought on, no doubt, from overwork. But the world is a far richer and varied place than we apparently can imagine.

Smichov Train Station, Prague

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