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‘Minneapolis Summit’ Documents Group Improvisation

Minneapolis Summit


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The Grand Delusion

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Minneapolis Summit (Mini VideoCD)

Matter (video)

The Grand Delusion (video)


The murky snapshot on the cover tells only part of the story of what went on in an undisclosed location October 1, 2001, in Minneapolis. Artmaking. With sounds. A “summit meeting” of sorts, like those of the old jazz masters, finally performing together after already-long careers of individual brilliance behind them.

Something like that, anyway. Suffice to say, there now exists a recording documenting the improvised conflux of five audio-art personalities: Escape Mechanism, Steev Hise, the two members of The Tape-beatles and Wobbly, and it is available now for your listening perusal.

The disc consists of a 21-minute edit of the longest of three takes made during the recording session. The initial edits were undertaken by Hise and Wobbly in November, who then trustingly passed it on to the Tape-beatles to complete the job. In all cases, the edits were limited to a small number of cuts and crossfades, with no chronological re-arrangement or overdubbing.

This release takes the unusual form of an 80mm miniCD. If you are unfamiliar with this format, not to worry: though little used, this format is an industry standard, and all CD players can handle these discs (consult your drive documentation if you are using a slot-load device).

As if that weren’t enough, a mini-VideoCD of footage collected at the event is has been created, in addition to a web site dedicated to this project.

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