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December 2002

o-blog  an i.p. blog o-blog: an i.p. blog


war¦ Resident Bush a moron? Nope, he’s sociopath. Read about the conclusions a writer draws from studying transcripts of Bush’s speeches.

sound¦ Curious to find out more about it, I came across this article which explains how surround sound works, written clearly and offering many useful and interesting details about the technology. It also explains what the “5.1” part is all about.


©¦ Information may “want” to be free, but an article in today’s tells of a disturbing side affect of the easy proliferation of digital copies: that of specialized software subject to export controls to countries deemed a military risk by the US Government. [reg.req]

©¦ Self-destructing DVDs? Cam-jamming movie projectors? All this is talked about in an article at a site amusingly called business 2.0. (Limited-time DVDs. It’s not just stupid and wasteful, it’s a business model!)


©¦ Greplaw has an article called “Efficiency, Innovation, and Transparency — The Future of Intellectual Property Rights” by Mikael Pawlo. It seeks a balance between authors’ and users’ rights.

©¦ has posted a piece called “How To Win (DMCA) Exemptions And Influence Policy”, which presents “a chance for an ordinary person to influence the process of policy-making” as regards to the much-hated DMCA.

art¦ Time on your hands? Here’s a page with 1800 Net Art Links.


©¦ The recent Illegal Art show, held last month in New York, is now getting ready for to appear in Chicago. A web page has more info about it, as well as a Call for Artists to submit proposals to present work at the events, to be held February, 2003.


©¦ Bruce Sterling’s latest Viridian Note (00351) is called “Decaying Media”. It is an extended, humorous, and link-laden commentary on the self-destructing DVD technology we mentioned earlier (12-02). Do have a look.


Recent updates to this blog have been missing due to preparation for, and then subsequently undergoing, transatlantic travel; the travails of delayed luggage; and other coincident events that occupied our attentions elsewhere for a day or two. The backlog of interesting links should be taken care of now, and updates will continue from hereon out as usual.


©¦ The MacArthur Foundation has awarded grants to projects studying intellectual property and the long-term protection of the public domain.

©¦ With the public comment period coming to a close for the upcoming judicial review of the DMCA, Yahoo News reports on its status.


www¦ Rise of the Stupid Network is an interesting theoretical piece, dating from 1997, by David S. Isenberg that discusses the reasons why stupid networks are inherently more useful and usable than intelligent ones.

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Mini CD Documents ‘Summit’ on Video

Minneapolis Summit VideoCD

Just in Time for 2003

If the term “long-awaited” applies appropriately to anything, then it certainly is a good fit for this new release. At least it seems long-awaited to the denizens of Glassed-in Labs, East, and the cohort-conspirators in North America who helped make it happen. For, you see, the present title is a companion piece to the recent Minneapolis Summit mini-CD which was released some months ago on the Staalplaat label. We have given the project all due attention, and only recently were able to deem it “ready for release”.

Chalk it up to Tape-beatle excessive perfectionism if you must, since it was the Prague-based twosome who were charged with the task of editing the video footage collected during the “summit” sessions. Assembled from video shot by Dunn, Heck and Hise, the finished program has an 18-minute running time, and takes the unusual, if not unprecedented, form of an 80mm VideoCD.

The program shows us gathering before the Oak Street Theatre, being interviewed on Jon Nelson’s radio show Some Assembly Required, setting up for the improv sessions themselves, and finally driving off into the sunset once the meeting ran its course. Of course, you will also see an extended segment of footage taken during one of the improvisations, offering a rare glimpse into the mysterious workings of this constellation of five audio art luminaries, which include Escape Mechanism, Steev Hise, Wobbly, and your trusty Tape-beatles.

And so, over a year in the making, you can finally be witness to us interacting with other audio artists, and see us in the act of creating a new audio gewgaw for you to own and your friends to admire. The disc is predictably for sale, and you can own it for the modest sum of seven US greenbacks (shipping not included).

Order your copy before we run out

Tape-beatles Contribute to Tribute Disc

the Painted Back compilation (Tumult)

Disc Now Available from Online Store
Updated 2002-12-01

Thanks to the sharp eyes of one of our Tape-beatle Scouts (thanks, Kathy R.), a long-awaited compilation project bearing a specially-made never-before-heard Tape-beatle track has apparently appeared. A disc put out by the tUMULt label, it comprises a collection of tracks in homage to (or in satire of) the well-known 1960s single “Paint it Black” by they-who-gather-no-moss, the Rolling Stones.

The Tape-beatles contribution to this effort is a three-minute bit which they call “Black”, and of which is said on Berkeley’s Aquarius Records web site: “Iowa’s masters of plunderphonia, the Tape-beatles use found sounds and actual lawsuit-baiting chunks of the original to create a tense and unnerving, noirish dreamscape, with disembodied screams, curious snippets of overheard conversations, and the sliced and diced original which all end up adding to the creepy vibe.” Never let it be said that we don’t give it our darnedest.

Anyway, we haven’t actually seen a copy of the disc, and so its existence is practically innuendo as far as we’re concerned. Never mind, if you’re interested, you can order the it from the Aquarius link below.

• San Francisco’s glorious Aquarius Records

• “Painted Black” page on the tUMULt site

UPDATE | We have received a quantity of the Painted Black disks in recognition of our participation in the project, and we are now selling them through our secure online ordering system.

Visit our online store

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