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February 2002

We Like to Get Mail

2002-02-18 / Among Other Things. But unfortunately that may not be possible for several days in the very near future. (February 18, 19, and 20 are possible.) You see, our server — yes, the ‘physical box’ on which this site resides — is packing up and moving to Portland in the trunk of Steev Hise’s car (educated guess about the method). That means this site, as well as all others at will be temporarily unavailable for your browsing pleasure, or what-not. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, because we’re doing it now.

In the meantime (and we do mean — oops, did that one already), we were reading our e-mail the other day, and up popped this one, subject line ‘need a help’, from Lithuania, no less:

Hello! My name is Julia. I’m study a social work in Vilnius university (Lithuania) and need any information about public works for my referat [sic] — ‘Public works as a form of social aid.’ I would like to write about public works role between the active labour market measures. Could you help me? Thank you. Julia.

To which our terse reply was:

Sorry, I can’t help you. We are electronic musicians in a group called ‘Public Works,’ So your question is really outside of our field of expertise.

To which this ‘Julia’ rallied and lobbed back:

Dear Lloyd. Thank your for answer and sorry that I disturb you with my letter. Your group have a really nice name.

Not a bit of it, Julia. Happy to ‘help.’ We think we have a nice name, too!. (Now if this little tidbit of charming no-holds-barred humor doesn’t tide you over until we get back on line, I don’t really know what I’m going to do with you.)

Tape-beatles Hire Major Czech Television Network

2002-02-13 / Field Trip! It was a gray cloudy Monday when The Tape-beatles left their Tachovské Náměstí atelier in Žižkov to venture out into the world of contracting others to do their work for them. Those ‘others’ turned out to be none less than the production studios of Česká Televize (Czech Television).

The service we asked of them was to transfer one of our 16mm reels to video tape using their industrial-strength equipment, which they did with alacrity. (Imagine being able to pull that one off at the studios of NBC, or wherever.) The price was right (less than fifty dollars for an hour of footage) and the quality of their telecine transfer was certainly nothing to sneeze at. Our work never looked so good on the small screen.

Future sessions at chay-tay (which is how it is known locally) will no doubt result in a crisp, clear video transfer of our latest ‘expanded cinema’ opus Good Times. And from there, of course, an official release of that title on video. Remember, you read it here first.

02-18 / Update. Further reels transferred today. Dined in the ČT cafeteria, where there was a man in quasi-18th century musketeer costume and theatrical pancake make-up, who was pushing down the last bit of his ham sandwich as we walked in. I can just feel the creative vibe all around me.

Česka Televize

New Track of the Week

noise 02-17 / Like clockwork, another new Track of the Week. This week’s track is the two-minute result of a request from German audio artist Felix Kubin for some material for a radio program he was producing, entitled Syndikat für Gegenlärm. Link for the load-down follows.

This Week’s Track of the Week

noise 2002-02-10 / Among Other Goings-On. Our new busy mini-community here at Glassed-in Labs-East is keeping the hum on, while the tentacles of our attentions are diverted outwards in myriad, potentially productive, directions. We can’t be specific (that’d spoil the surprise and, in light of possible failure, risk embarrassment), but our kettle’s on the burner and things are simmering.

In the meantime (and we do mean Time), we’re taking a pause from our schusy bedules to bring you this week’s new Track of the Week. It has a tortured history. Invited by the folks at Tumult to contribute one of our unique stylings to a proposed compilation based on the Rolling Stones’ hit Paint it Black (and for money, no less), we couldn’t resist. (Never let it said we turn down money in exchange for our art.) Anyway, track completed, payment received, but — alas — to date, no compilation.

There, there. It doesn’t matter. You can hear the track anyway, because it’s this week’s Track of the Week.

Track-of-the-Week Back Like Gangbusters

2002-02-03 / Long Hiatus Ends. Those of you who have been visiting this site for a long time may have dim memory of a time when we offered a new audio track for download each week. (This was about two years ago.) And if you were good Tape-beatle phans, you surely missed it when we finally stopped, when we simply ran out of unposted tracks to post.

Well, miss it no more, loyal phans. Track of the Week is back, and, where the earlier run of tracks all came from released work available in some other form, this time ‘Track of the Week’ is distinguished by making available tracks not on any Tape-beatle or Public Works release. Indeed, this week’s, and many upcoming, tracks represent works made for compilations, or have never appeared at all on any release.

To celebrate ‘Track of the Week’s’ return, this week we bring you two tracks. The first is called Broken broadcast (version 1), an impromptu studio sketch that languished for some time on our hard drives, until the Elliot-Sharp-edited State of the Union 2.001 compilation came to our attention. We upped the complexity of the track by bringing in additional sound sources, and along the way we cleaned up the surface noise from the source vinyl. The result was Broken broadcast (version 2). Hear the results !

noise Watch this graphic for future Track of the Week postings.

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