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11-19Three Journeys Through Radia: Journey nº1”, featuring recent (and otherwise unreleased) work by the Tape-beatles, will air December 16 on Kunstradio, Vienna. Kunstradio broadcasts “every Sunday on Ö1 & RÖI (shortwave) from 11:05 pm to 11:45 pm (CEST); and online.” See: or (Thanks, Etienne and Knut!)

09-18 Festival of Appropriation. Jon Nelson writes that the video that we made for the Minneapolis Summit VideoCD will be screened at a Festival event at the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, Minn.) on November 29; also to be screened that evening will be Coleman Miller's “Uso Justo.” The Festival of Appropriation runs through the month of November.

08-22 We mentioned earlier the existence of new Tape-beatle works, assembled for the Radia network. We have now been informed that the audio is now available to the general public, via web streaming. So, if you’re interested and have a moment, give it a listen. (Thanks, Knut!)

06-18 Another summer visitor, Steev Hise bounded into to Prague on the train from Berlin to take in the sights and give a presentation of his work as a videographer and activist at Galerie Školská 28. He showed some of his related work, and then went on to screen significant parts of his new documentary “On The Edge: The Femicide in Ciudad Juarez”.

05-31 We were pleased to welcome Negativland’s Mark Hosler to Prague, come here after completing Negativland gigs in Vienna and Berlin. Hosler found the time not only for a few days of Prague tourism; but also managed to fit in a presentation about Negativland and his work at the Experimental Space NoD here in Prague.

05-13 This seems to be a month of interviews, because Jon Nelson of Some Assembly Required writes that he has just posted an interview with Ralph Johnson, speaking on behalf of Public Works, to his web site. Here’s a direct link to the mp3.

05-07 Kurt Weller, who blogs at Plaza of the Mind, recently conducted an e-mail interview with Lloyd Dunn, who obligingly strains his carpal tunnels in coming up with convincing rejoinders to the various queries posed. Among other things, Dunn reveals that the Tape-beatles are burning midday oil working on a commission from Czech Radio to be broadcast later in the summer on the Radio Vltava channel. Watch this page for further announcements as the project progresses.

01-14 Chris Reynolds writes: “My name is Chris, and I’m a big fan of you guys. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just finished posting “The Grand Delusion” on YouTube. The clips came from the .mov files that you guys had posted on a few years ago, so the quality is actually quite good. Here’s my YouTube channel.”

01-08 From Jon Nelson’s blog: “I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to post about The Tape-beatles. The obvious choice would have been to wait until we run the episode featuring my phone interview with Lloyd Dunn and John Heck (the two remaining members of the group, pictured), but since we’ve discontinued our use of the podcast as an archive for older episodes, it’s anyone’s guess as to when we’d get around to it, as I’ll only go back to archiving episodes here once I’ve stopped producing new ones. I hope that will be a long time from now, so I’ve decided to go ahead with it now. The first new artist feature of 2007.”


Heck Visits Prague-Kbely; Finds Monument to Radio’s Past

heck at prague-kbely

Obscure Anniversaries Celebrated, to Boot

John Heck writes: “These videos [1] [2] are documents from the evening of 18 May 2007 on the anniversary of the 1st radio broadcast in what was the Czechoslovakia, during the years of the 1st Republic, a mere 5 years after the country officially became a nation with Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk as its president. The observance was a quiet ceremony attended only by myself, and like many urban field recordings, the only sound you hear are car tires rolling indifferently along with the mad sputtering of exhaust which only slightly masks the infernal clatter of the internal combustion engine. The brick wall structure is a modernist gesture that ideally marks the foundation where the radio tower once stood. The star-like form, an asterisk in the soil for which this article serves as the footnote, can be seen in the Google Earth satellite image.

Old Tape-beatles work with New débuts on Radia Network

tape-beatles at city library, prague

What’s Done is Done; There is No Going Back

The Tape-beatles (pictured above) took time out from their zany alt-life-“style” schedules to take in an exhibition at the Gallery of the Library of the City of Prague called “Gross Domestic Product.” The show turned out to be an opportunity for a group of young Czech artists to vent spleen about the increasing materialism of Czech culture, creeping globalization, and things of that ilk; and, for all of that, was generally an enjoyable experience. Many of the works on display were cut of the same cloth; a bolt patterned on the typical young artist temper-tantrum (of which we ourselves have been lavishly guilty): i.e., something like the “I’m-so-cool I-want-to-be–noticed” rubric, typified by the exhibition’s promotional image of a turd in a yellow gift box.

The narrative loops around backwards now, to earlier in the year, when Tonic Train made a visit to Prague, and took the opportunity then to offer the Tape-beatles a half-hour program slot on the Radia network. We went to work and assembled an entertaining stream of audio snippets from the Tape-beatles’ recent past — and near future, for sprinkled among the unreleased older works are a collection of completely new works by Dunn and Heck. The program will receive its début airing in mid-July; and shortly thereafter, we will make it available for download from this site.

You’ve come
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If you’re looking for information about The Tape-beatles and Public Works, you’ve come to the right place. Alas, an ambitious effort to re-design the site, begun with every good intention early in 2004, has fizzled amid an array of other lifely obligations. Our resolve to blast your eyes with new visual glory was further sapped by several months of unresolved server issues, leaving the site hopelessly throttled for many users. Happily, it now it seems to be working normally. (Thanks, Steev!)

Nonetheless, please rest assured that there is still reason to visit this site. For example, this is an excellent place to buy our CDs and support our work. It is also the central repository for information (and dis-information) about our projects. In short, if you want to find out more about The Tape-beatles and Public Works, there is not a better place on the web to find it. Straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

So, bookmark the site, and visit when you need information. Updates will continue to be rare, sporadic, but of dazzling importance. If you are so inclined, you can subscribe to our (primitive, but workable) RSS feed to keep up-to-date.

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