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Re: Disk Rot

Re: Disk Rot

Read the The Disk Rot Papers by John B. McLemore, describing the phenomenon.


One of the consequences of having a mail box and being generally connected to the outside world with wires and other physical objects is that the occasional listener or ‘phan’ will trouble himself to contact you. Sometimes this is — shall we say charitably — less than pleasant or illuminating. Other times, it can open up hitherto unforecast worlds of extravagant thinking.

Falling somewhere in between those two extremes was the phone call we got from Green Pond, Alabama’s John B. McLemore. An antique clock restorer by day, by his own estimation, he owns 3000 compact disks. He is not an entirely satisfied customer, having documented all manner of decompositions that CDs undergo under various, often modest and ordinary, conditions.

McLemore was kind enough to send us his ‘10 greatest hits’ of disk rot. You can see us go over them one by one in a new short subject by The Tape-beatles entitled Re: Disk Rot.

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